Date: 6/15/2020
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(Boca Raton, Florida 06/15/20) The 4th of July is just around the corner and Smart Energy is giving South Florida residents another big reason to celebrate on America’s Birthday.

Smart Energy is enabling one Florida homeowner to achieve “ENERGY INDEPENDENCE” on American Independence Day.

During this difficult financial climate Smart Energy is doing its part to make day-to-day life much more manageable for one lucky household.

A 100% FREE 3kw Home Solar System will be given as a gift to one lucky homeowner! This will be a life changing event and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Smart Energy is not giving away just a solar system, they’re offering free “ENERGY INDEPENDENCE”! That’s why Floridians are so excited about this Independence Day gift. “Happy Birthday America!” states all members of the Smart Energy Family .

“The 4th of July has always meant so much to our company and we’re very happy to be able to celebrate this great and special day in such a unique way, giving away an amazing life changing gift.” Company team members proclaim.

“ I spent some time thinking about what I could do to make a real difference in one family’s life. Not a simple general gesture, like giving a small percentage to an organized charity”, said Smart Energy CEO, Noam Yahav. “ We wanted to effect change in one homeowner’s life that would have a distinct and dramatic effect immediately and for years, decades to come.”

At first reading this announcement it may be hard to believe, the prize really is totally 100% free with no hidden catch. It includes all free materials, free engineering, free permitting, free site inspections, free installation, free home system monitoring, a lot of free smiles, and “ENERGY INDEPENDENCE”.

The independence that comes from Smart Energy solar power is from the sun. A free, sustainable, clean, renewable energy source which can never be depleted. Unlike other forms of energy production, solar energy produces no dangerous emissions from the energy generated through the sun. Solar panels do not contaminate, they generate renewable energy. The panels normally last over 25 years, they are recyclable, and don’t produce any gas emissions.

Here are five of the environmental benefits of renewable solar energy.
1. Reduces air pollution.
2. Reduces water usage.
3. Reduces dependence on nonrenewable energy sources.
4. Improves humanity’s health in many ways.
5. Helps fight climate change.

Smart Energy is positioned as much more than a standard solar company. There is a specific focus on being a one-stop-shop for all home energy efficiency needs. The company employs long-term saving solutions to their customers projects, utilizing the latest available home efficiency technologies, blended with solar power. This is a unique holistic approach within the solar industry.

Their team provides each client a free energy analysis which helps to educate homeowners on the many personal financial benefits powering a home with solar power can make. Additionally, team members highlight the healthful impact this upgrade makes to an individual’s personal living spaces, as well as the planet. The relationship between company and client is a long one. Smart Energy provides all clients free continuous ongoing home system monitoring, utilizing the most cutting edge leading solar technologies.

Please visit the Smart Energy Facebook page or company website. The company is requesting all applicants to answer a very simple question. “Why do you think that your home should be chosen for Energy Independence”?

Smart Energy’s 4th of July “Energy Independence” giveaway extravaganza clearly demonstrates this company’s dedication to American Greatness, Freedom, Independence and Quality that can be found in American products. A gift to power a home in the USA, made in the USA!

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