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Solar Cars Are Coming

Aptera, Lightyear and Sono all plan to release solar-assisted commercial EV’s over the next few years. These vehicles promise less frequent plug-in charging by using solar panels to charge their batteries. So, if solar cars are soon set to hit the roads, why aren’t...

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How Can the Use of Solar Energy Reduce Earth Pollution?

The world is quickly reaching a global environmental crisis, one that will be impossible to mitigate without major changes in our current ways of life. One of the biggest culprits behind this impending disaster is fossil fuels. They are the number one source of carbon...

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10 Musicians That Are Embracing Sustainability

There’s nothing quite like the rush of feeling the reverberation of sounds from live instruments and hearing your favorite songs played live. That is, until you glance around and see energy-sucking generators powering the stage, plastic cups and bottles littering the...

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