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The name you know

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The battery you want!

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Smart Energy Inc.

Your energy efficiencies, Industry Leader!


DURACELL®  Power Center

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Self Power Your Home

with the most flexible home battery and solar storage solution from the most trusted name in power

Energy Freedom

Self power your home and reduce dependency on the grid with your own microgrid.

Home Backup Protection

100% reliable, fully automated back-up power for extended power outages.

Scalable Power

Modular power of 5KW and 10KW with expandable storage from 14KWh to 42KWh

24/7 Real-Time Monitoring

Check solar energy and battery performance in real-time, and set preferences to maximize your savings.

Smart Energy Savings

“Load shifting” stores solar energy in the battery and syncs with time-of-use rate plans to maximize savings.

Automatic Software Updates

Stay current with new functionality, improvements and regulations.

Duracell Outperforms the Competition




Generac PWRCell

Generac Natural Gas


Continuous Power / Peak Output (KW)

Base Unit Storage Capacity (KWh)

Battery chemistry

Flexible storage capacity

Use with any PV design

Retrofit to any existing PV system

Backup Power (no PV)


Water-free cooling

Outdoor Installation

5 / 8.5

Up to 42


5 / 7



3.84 / 5.7



3.5 / 6.5

8.3 / 17




Natural gas

4 / 8.5

Up to 20


Installation Perks

Industry Leading Lithium Iron Phosphorate Batteries

Backed by our 10-Year Warranty and Performance Guarantee.

Installation resources

Installation Resources

Our Installers are highly trained technical professionals

24/7 Live Support

Experts standing by to answer your questions.

Customers Love Duracell

Consumers Want Duracell More Than Any Other Brands

Based on your current knowledge, which of the following Home Energy Storage brands would you consider to purchase?

Which of the following brands would you most likely choose if you were to purchase a Home Energy Storage System today?

„We trust the Duracell brand more than any other“

– Willis Family

Be Smart, Be Safe, Make Your Home A DURACELL Home Today!