There are numerous small steps you can take to conserve energy that pay off in a big way. The best way to start saving on your energy bill is simply by getting smart with how you use electricity. Making small changes can lead to savings of as much as $500 per year.

Here are some our top 5 simple tips to help you reduce your electricity use and save you money or your next utility bill.

  1. Turn off Unnecessary lights and use natural light when possible.
    Switching off your 60-100Watt lightbulbs for an average of 2-4 hours a day could save you about $9-12/year. Using task lighting such as table lamps instead of overhead lights can also save between $6-10 per year.
    Similarly, using your south-facing window, can illuminate 20-100x its area. Strategize your light usage throughout the day for optimal savings while enjoying natural light. Exposed sunlight will also help warm a certain area so be strategic with your window coverings as well. The right shades will promote airflow throughout your home while blocking the afternoon sun which could lead to a $10-40 difference over summer months.
  2. Cut water usage by taking shorter showers and turning off the water when not in use.
    Hot water can be very expensive. If as little as two people in your home cut their shower time by a minute each, you could save as much as $30 a year!
    Turning water off when doing everyday things like shaving, washing hands and brushing teeth can also reduce your usage by an extra 5% resulting in and extra $20 over the year.
  3. Unplug electronics that are fully charged or not in use.
    Standby power can account for 10% of an average household’s annual electricity use while unplugging can save you an extra $50 a year. In fact, it’s vital to be wise about the electronics you’re using in general. If you’re using an old desktop – consider switching to a laptop to save an extra $10-15 a year from that alone. If you watch your shows online and don’t use your TV, you might want to consider recycling or donating it as well – it’s costing you an extra $10 per year.
  4. Get real with your laundry cut one load of laundry per week by doing full loads only and use cold water when possible. By doing both you could easily save an extra $50 per year. If you do about 8 loads of laundry per week and hang half of them to dry, you could be saving an additional $45 per year. If you must use your dryer, toss a dry towel in your dryer to absorb the moisture and significantly reduce drying time. Doing this on your 8 loads per week can save you about $30 per year.
  5. Be efficient with your kitchen appliances.
    There are a few simple things you can do to cut everyday use of electricity when it comes to your go-to kitchen appliances. For food that can be heated up in a pinch, consider using a microwave. Your crockpot and toaster oven are easily costing you an extra $20 a year. Even skipping the heat-dry setting on your dishwasher can put an extra $35 in your pocket. If you have a second fridge in the house or garage, unplugging it when it’s not in use can save you close to $100 per year!
    While each step may save only a few extra bucks per month, when you add up the entire the cost that accumulates throughout the year, you notice a big difference. And you can always use your extra savings towards other energy efficient services that could save you even more!
    Upgrading your windows and doors to be energy efficient can save you up to thousands per year depending on the size of your house. Proper insulation keeps your heating or cooling indoors so it doesn’t escape through the walls or openings in your home. Or join the millions of homeowners this year who are going solar to save even more on their energy bills and secure a set amount they can continue to save for the future. Check out the numerous services we offer to help you stay at the top of your game by being the ultimate eco-ninja.

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