The COVID-19 pandemic has already changed life as we know it. Markets are currently being defined by loss and uncertainty. Growth outlooks for many economic sectors have been slashed. The petroleum, chemical, and gas industry are one of those who have seen losses and negative outlooks.

In an effort to stop or slow the spread of disease, the world has been asked to practice social distancing—deliberately increasing the physical space between people to avoid spreading illness. But, while everyone needs to practice social distancing in these times of uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, it does not mean that sales are stopping or even slowing down at all.

The pandemic may certainly be responsible for the increase of stock values, but it is only one part of the picture. Companies within the industry are providing a greater audio and visual experience.

Effective Sales Calls with Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become a part of our salespersons’ job. Just like in-person meetings, through video conferencing we can see each other, develop a professional relationship, discuss, and explain the benefit of a solar installation on your site.

Through screen share we are able to share presentations, photos, videos and any product education that you might be interested in. Video conferencing provides a more interactive experience.

The practice of video conferencing may have been imposed due to the pandemic, but during this short period it has proven to be a very useful one, providing some new opportunities which will become an everyday practice in the future.

Just because things might be tough now, it does not mean they will stay this way forever. One thing we all hear about during hard times is how much people miss having a sense of normalcy in their lives. So, we encourage you to carry on with your plans, just with some minor modifications.

Using video conference calls, we can still go through the quoting and planning phase together, but we can leave the install date open for whenever you feel comfortable. We’ve come to an unexpected and challenging point, so we have to support each other during this time.

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Solar – Certainty for Uncertain Times

Also, during these times, we are organizing some FREE webinars for all Single-Family Homeowners.

You will get a chance to get free knowledge on how to eliminate your electricity bill, learn about the benefits of ongoing solar incentives, and learn how to make your home energy efficient. Solar energy is one of the most certain sources of energy, since it depends only on the Sun.

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