Smart Energy in action

Stories of people inspired by Smart Energy that changed their life by installing solar

…Proper way to power the house and keep money in the pocket. Instead of paying money to FPL, the money goes in our pocket. Also there is a tremendous tax saving on the money that the solar panels cost. So, in the end it is paying for itself. Customer service seems to be the number 1 thing at Smart Energy, they are always on time, they make it comfortable to you to continue doing business with them.

Lenworth and Brenda

Satisfied customers

…We’ve cut down on our electric bill ¾ already and I am so pleased! The customer service from the beginning to the end was awesome, all it took was one phone call to place,… Very reliable, very knowledgeable and I would highly, highly recommend them to anybody who wants to get solar panels and also save a ton of money on their bill.

Kim N.

Satisfied customer

…It is a saving during the years, you can save money and travel 🙂.
I save and I like the people I work with at Smart Energy

Carridad H.

Satisfied customer

…I like the most about Smart Energy they showed up on time, they took as much time as I needed to explain the process. They ask the smart questions for energy consumption so we can arrive at a usage calculation that would go in the next 30 years which is the life of the system. By going solar now, you can save money on your monthly bills, you get 30% tax credit from the government that is reducing the cost of your system and there are no upfront cost. There is not a better time than now to go solar!

Greg R.

Satisfied customer

…Once the panels were up and running, I’ve seen substantial energy saving. So now, the hotter it gets, the cooler my house is and it costs me less money. Throughout the installation process which was in different stages, appointments were kept, I was explained in detail.. I just like every about it, I like everything about Smart Energy. It offers me security for the future because I am getting older and my income will go down, I am going to be on retirement and I don’t need bills to go up.

Eugiene A.

Satisfied customer

…Every time I come home I look at the solar panels. From now on, I don’t have to worry about FPL, knock on my door, raise my bill,… that’s why I like it!

Adier P.

Satisfied customer

…In the 21st century not going green is ridiculous. I would recommend Smart Energy because everything they offer is made in America which makes me good, getting jobs out there. The people at Smart Energy are amazing, you will not regret the fact that you called them.

William M.

Satisfied customer

…It is important for the environment and it is good for my financial health. What I like the most, I don’t have to turn it on or turn it off.. The sun does it all and we have so much sun in Florida, it would be a shame not to make a use of it!

Mimi A.

Satisfied customer