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Can Super-Fast Battery Charging Fix the Electric Car?

The dominant trend in EV batteries is that bigger is better. Maybe with speedier charging, automakers could do more with less. ISSAM MUDAWAR, A professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue University, has been solving heat-related emergencies for 37 years. They often...

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Building a Solar-Powered Future

Solar Futures Study Draws Insights From Across NREL’s Expertise and Tools To Deliver Detailed Analysis of Solar Energy’s Future in United States The next 30 years of solar energy is likely to look very different than the past 30. Photovoltaics (PV) and concentrating...

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New solar panels expected to save CCRC $40,000 per year

The Town Center at Covenant Living of Cromwell, a continuing care retirement community in Connecticut, is committed to conserving energy and becoming more sustainable for the future while at the same time lowering operational expenses, according to Executive Director...

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Hubbard women heat up for solar cooking

Two Hubbard residents are spending their time across the globe to educate people on the benefits of solar cooking. Mary Buchenic and Jennifer Gasser have presented the Solar Education Project, which has taken them from Ohio to Haiti. Buchenic is a retired Niles...

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