In recent years, we’ve seen a steep increase in residential solar photovoltaic installations across the nation. As utility prices for residential energy generally continue to rise, homeowners have been looking for ways to curb utility costs and get energy security. While solar photovoltaic systems have come down in price and market dynamics naturally continue to favor renewable energy, it can still be a big step to invest in a solar system for your home.

Before pursuing a new solar installation, we advise taking a deeper look at the current energy efficiencies. Therefore, when customers call us with questions regarding solar, we often guide them toward receiving a full energy assessment of their property first.

This includes assessing the proper air sealing and insulation, A/C, windows, doors, proper thermostat programming and effective ventilation. These are the main causes of the energy you spend. Our customers find that its always time well spent to invest in a home’s efficiency first before making an investment in a new solar system. Think of it this way, if we can help you reduce what your home consumes in energy, you’ll need to spend less on a solar system to meet your needs.

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If you’re considering going solar for your home, we fully endorse that decision and are excited to help you reach that goal. The time is now to take action on your home’s energy efficiency and conservation. Please contact Smart Energy at 888-236-3599 to learn more.

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